There’s no getting around the fact that Social Security Disability is a highly stressful area for many people. It is complex and difficult, and the process can be long and confusing. Clients who have disability cases are also dealing with the very disabilities that bring them to our office in the first place. That alone is both painful and challenging.

Challenges With Social Security Disability Cases

We understand how much you are dealing with at the moment. You might not currently have a job, and that brings financial challenges. Dealing with disability can also be emotionally taxing. You might not know where to turn or what to do. The legal aspects can be beyond overwhelming. You want to make sure your case turns out in your favor. We are very familiar with all types of Social Security Disability issues, so we can better assess how best to proceed in your case. No matter what level you are at – considering applying for disability benefits , having gotten a denial from Social Security or currently appealing a denial to Social Security for a hearing, we can help you.

Solutions Are Readily Available

We want to ease your stress level and make your life easier. So you can count on us to handle your Social Security Disability case with the utmost in professionalism and confidentiality. We will go to bat for you and seek out the best possible outcome. Whenever you have a concern or a question, we are available with answers and solutions to ease your concerns and help you be informed. Remember, knowledge is power. We see working with our clients as a team effort.

Our policy is that there are no attorney fees due unless we win and the case is approved by the judge, Because you are likely on a tight budget without a large amount of resources readily available to go toward legal fees, that should help you to proceed in the best way with your Social Security Disability case. We do not want the issue of funding to keep clients from receiving what they deserve.

At the Law Offices of B. Adam Sagan, we are ready to handle your case and be your Social Security Disability Attorney. We serve Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties.

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We have the know-how and compassionate demeanor to help with your Social Security Disability case. Contact us today to ask any questions you might have and for further information on how best to proceed. You can get in touch via this website or by emailing us or calling. There is absolutely no obligation to you if you contact us, and you will be more assured knowing you are moving forward with the issues at hand and with your life.