In our previous post, we walked through the timeline for applying for Social Security disability. From start to finish, the entire process can take several months to a couple of years if you have to attend a Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

This is where Social Security disability lawyers come in. At the Law Offices of B. Adam Sagan in Broward County, we have over 30 years experience with Social Security disability cases. Schedule an appointment today!

Social Security Disability Lawyers 

When it comes to applying for Social Security disability, there are many benefits that can come from hiring Social Security disability lawyers. Learn more about the different ways Social Security disability lawyers can help advocate for you and your benefits. 

Review Your Materials 

The application process for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can feel daunting. In fact, applications are commonly denied the first due to incomplete information. 

If you have an SSDI attorney combing through the application materials with you, they will ensure that your application is both complete and properly filled out. Taking the time to go over this paperwork with an attorney also gives you the opportunity to make sure you are qualified for SSDI before going through the entire application process.

You can learn more about who is qualified to receive SSDI on our previous post. 

Collect and Sort Medical Evidence

Showing the Social Security Administration (SSA) that you are qualified to receive SSDI requires an extensive amount of medical evidence. A lack of medical support is also where your case for SSDI can start to fall apart.

When you hire a disability attorney, they will assist with combing through and gathering all the necessary medical paperwork. This also involves working with your physicians and providers to request any missing information. 

Since there is a large amount of medical evidence that is required for an SSDI application, it’s beneficial to find Social Security disability lawyers familiar with how the medical world works. At the Law Offices of B. Adam Sagan, our lawyer previously taught as a professor for a medical school, giving him familiarity when it comes to medical paperwork and procedures. 

Assist with SSA Communications 

Once you submit your application to the SSA, you are assigned a Disability Examiner. This is the person who will determine if you qualify for SSDI. 

If you hire a Social Security disability lawyer, they can assist in communications with your Disability Examiner. This will ensure that the process continues smoothly and without misunderstanding or miscommunication so you won’t miss any vital deadlines. 

Improve Your Chances

You’re hiring a Social Security disability lawyer because of their experience. They understand the application process, beginning to end, and are able to present your case in a way that makes your disability obvious. They are also aware of what medical information will prove most beneficial to prove your qualification for SSDI. 

Ultimately, having a Social Security disability lawyer on your case reduces your chances of denial, especially due to common errors that your lawyer will know to watch for. 

Attending Appeals 

If your SSDI application is denied, you can move forward with an appeal where your Social Security disability lawyer would represent you. If you’ve worked with them throughout the entire process, they will be intimately familiar with the specifics of your case. Your lawyer can also prepare you for possible questions and guide your testimony. 

The Law Offices of B. Adam Sagan 

There are countless ways that having a Social Security disability lawyer on your side can improve your chances and alleviate some of the stress of the application process. 

Just remember — it’s never too late to hire a Social Security disability lawyer! Whether you’re just starting the application process or are heading into your hearing, contact your local attorney. 

Let the Law Offices of B. Adam Sagan in Broward County help you win your SSDI benefits.