When it comes to the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) wants medical records and information that confirm your disability.

But medical records and the medical system are extremely complex. So what about finding Social Security disability lawyers who have a medical background? 

At the Law Offices of B. Adam Sagan in Broward County, our attorney comes from a unique background. Before working as a Social Security disability lawyer, B. Adam Sagan taught as a medical school professor, giving him a unique understanding of the medical world. Learn more about the benefits of using an attorney with a medical background and schedule a free consultation at our firm today!

Benefits of an Attorney With a Background in Medicine

Understand Your Disability

This is one of the best benefits of finding an attorney with a medical understanding. You will have to divulge personal information about your disability to your attorney, along with the SSA. Someone who has worked with medical students and understands the medical realm is much better equipped to help you understand where you’re coming from and advocate for your disability benefits. 

Ask Your Doctors for Supportive Statements

Part of the Social Security disability benefits application is to include information and supportive statements from your medical provider. Having an attorney with a medical background makes it easier for that attorney to reach out to your provider and request that they include only beneficial information in their statements. 

Submit Relevant Medical Records 

Not all of the information in your medical records are relevant to a Social Security disability hearing. In fact, the SSA only wants medical records with information specific to your impairment. 

This is where your attorney will come in and figure out what information needs to be submitted. If you have an attorney that comes from a medical background, they will have a better understanding of what information in your medical records will best explain and prove your disability and how it prevents you from returning to work or seeking alternative employment. 

Understand Bad Evidence and How to Handle It

It’s not that uncommon for your medical records to contain information that might be unhelpful and even harmful to your Social Security disability benefits case. For example, did you not seek treatment for your condition in the early stages? Or do you have a history of addiction that you need to show is being treated? 

In order to move forward with your application process, you and your attorney must submit all relevant information and evidence to the SSA — including potentially harmful information. But your attorney will be prepared for that harmful evidence from the beginning. With a medical background, they will have a better ability to talk through that bad evidence and still make your disability and need for benefits the primary focus of your case. 

Find Social Security Disability Lawyers You Can Trust

Now, we hope you better understand the different benefits that having a Social Security disability lawyer with a medical background can bring you. If you’re ready to get started with the Law Offices of B. Adam Sagan in Broward County, make sure you schedule your free consultation! This gives B. Adam Sagan the chance to understand your need for disability benefits and evaluate the status of your application. 

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