There is a long list of requirements created by the Social Security Administration (SSA). But that doesn’t necessarily help when you’re not sure if you should apply for Social Security Disability (SSD). 

We’ve already answers some of your Social Security questions, including: 

Today, we’ll help you know if applying for SSD insurance is the right choice for you, and how a Social Security disability lawyer can help. If you’re ready to get started with a Social Security disability lawyer of your own, make sure you contact our team at the Law Offices of B. Adam Sagan in Broward County. 

Who Applies for Social Security Disability? 

The goal of Social Security disability is to provide benefits for people with disabilities who are unable to work due to their condition. This can mean that: 

  • You have a severe physical or mental condition. 
  • You experienced an accident that prevents you from working for at least one year. 
  • You have a condition that prevents you from working. 
  • Your medical condition will last for at least a year, if not longer.

There are more qualifications that go into Social Security disability, but you want to apply for Social Security disability if you are disabled or have recently become disabled.  

When Not to Apply

This might be more important than who applies. How do you know if you shouldn’t apply for Social Security Disability? There are different reasons you might not want to apply for SSD, whether you don’t qualify for the program or for other personal reasons. 

One reason might be because your doctor doesn’t think that your specific condition will prevent you from working. You’re always welcome to get a second opinion from another provider, but if your condition does not prevent you from working then you won’t qualify for SSD. 

Other reasons to not apply for SSD might include: 

    • Your condition is temporary and will last for less than a year: SSD is for people whose disability prevents them from working long-term. So if you know that your condition is only temporary, then you shouldn’t apply for SSD. Instead, you can look for other short-term assistance programs to help you through that period where you are unable to work. 
  • If you are earning over $1,220 per month. This is the number created by the SSA for you to qualify for SSD. If you make more than that a month, then the SSA will not approve your application for Social Security disability. 
  • If you haven’t worked. In most cases, for you to get SSA you need to have earned 20 work credits. These credits are earned each year you work and are specific to your age. If you have not worked enough, then you won’t qualify for SSD. Again, there are other programs you might qualify for instead of SSD.  

Get Your Social Security Questions Answers at the Law Offices of B. Adam Sagan

When it comes to Social Security disability, no case is the same. That’s what makes hiring your own SSD lawyer so important. Not only can they help answer all of your Social Security questions, but they will also help you evaluate your specific case, gather the necessary information from your providers, and work with you during the entire process. 

Our experienced team from the Law Offices of B. Adam Sagan in Broward County is here to help you with the entire Social Security disability process. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.